Welcome to Daido Karate Leeds


Andrei Sprinceana Sensei, 3rd Dan JKA

Andrei Sensei is the Chief Instructor and the founder of Daido Traditional Karate Club. Andrei began training karate in 1998 with Kaminare Karate Club under Marian Bejenaru sensei 5th Dan, with regular visits by Ilija Jorga sensei 10th Dan Fudokan Karate. From 2001 till 2015 Andrei was a student of Dan Stuparu sensei, 8th Dan and president of Romanian Traditional Karate Federation. From 2015 Andrei is a student of Masao Kawasoe Sensei 8th Dan JKA and chief instructor JKA WF England.

Andrei holds Instructor (D) and Referee (D) JKA International Licences.

Through his regular training with JKA instructors at various seminars, Andrei’s aim is to bring traditional JKA karate taught at the seminars around the world, which he visits annually, to students in Leeds.

Our Dojo is affiliated to JKA WF England.

Our club members are taking part regularly to national and international seminars with JKA senior instructors.

Our dojo organizes 2 gradings a year where senior instructors are invited to assist and evaluate our grading to make sure we are following the highest standards of Karate.

What we DO?

  • Shotokan Karate for initiation and performance

  • Begginers starting at age of 5

  • Strong focus on Discipline, Confidence and Respect

  • Improves Concentration and Self motivation


Our aim is to promote the Traditional Karate Shotokan at the highest and purest standards of art.

Our class is a not for profit activity where we are gathering to share the same goals and values "Shotokan Karate".


Where we ARE?

Our training sessions are held every Monday at Swinnow Community Centre from 6.30PM to 8PM.

Location: Swinnow Community Centre, LS13 4RF, Pudsey,LEEDS.

For more details contact : 07466 895 104

Kawasoe Sensei Seminar JSKE 2nd Edition 2023